Get Untraceable and the Cleanest Coins from Exchanges around the Globe 

* transaction amount for a free trial is 0.001 BTC

How Does It Work?

Bitcoin is pseudo anonymous, all transactions are written in blockchain. Any person can obtain an access to the history of transactions made from one address to another.

We apply an innovative algorithm, Blender v2.0, to uplevel anonymity and coin mixing in comparison with classic mixers. The main advantage its not manually controlled,.

An additional point is that you receive all your bitcoins in various parts at random time intervals and to the different addresses. It is probably the best anonymization algorithm as of today.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin Blender v2.0

The algorithm: v2.0

We took the best of existing Bitcoin mixers, developed a new bitcoin anonymization algorithm, added an ability to receive clean coins from exchanges around the world, You do not need to set up any timer or number of addresse's, its already set to top settings for anonymizing your coins, Just enter your receiving address and Blender will do the rest.

No logs, Untraceable Coins

We do not store logs, all necessary information for transactions processing is deleted right after transactions are confirmed on your receiving wallets or beyond the expiration of address lifetime for unexecuted requests.

We are available 24x7x365

Our algorithms are fully automated and our service operates around the clock. We provide our clients with ongoing support. In case of issues we are seeking to promptly address them.

Letters of guarantee

We provide digitally signed letters of guarantee which evidence a 100% obligation of our service to you. Please retain letters of guarantee. This gives an additional assurance to deal with any disputes that may arise.


1. How long does it take to cleanse Bitcoins?

The anonymization process takes up to 1 to 8 hours after receipt of the first confirmation on the incoming customer transaction. To prevent advanced time-based analysis of your blockchain transactions, we set a random time for Bitcoin return. As a result, a mixing time may vary from 1 up to 8 hours in order to increase anonymization level. Moreover, our clients receive cleansed coins.

2. Can I trust you with my money?

We offer a protection against accidental errors or deliberate actions to all transactions – all incoming transactions are coupled with letters of guarantee signed with PGP keys.

3. How many confirmations are required to accept a transfer?

We consider a transfer accepted upon receiving 1 confirmation.

4. What is a minimum amount of funds for cleansing?

0.005 BTC

5. What is a maximum amount of funds for cleansing?

50 BTC per one request. This limitation is forced, since a large volume per one transaction is easier to deanonymize using blockchain volume analysis method. For High volume you can create multiple mixing requests simultaneously.

6. What happens if I sent less money than required?

Smaller transactions will be regarded as a donation since it makes no business sense to conduct them and a commission of the Bitcoin network may be higher than that money, minimum coins you can send for a regular order is 0.005 btc

7. How much does it cost?

Our commission fee is fixed to 3.6% + 0.0007, Its the lowest fees for this kind of secure mixing service, which cleanse your coins and make them impossible to trace.

8. What kind of logs is stored in the system?

We do not store logs, all necessary information for transactions processing is deleted right after transactions are confirmed on your receiving wallets or beyond the expiration of address lifetime for unexecuted requests. The only proof of our work is our letter of guarantee which you can keep.

9. What is a letter of guarantee?

When we provide you with a Bitcoin address, to which you may send your coins to be mixed, we provide a digitally signed confirmation that this address has truly been generated by our server. For your peace of mind we always provide you with such letter and sign it with a PGP signature. The Letter of Guarantee is the only proof of our obligations. Please always save the Letter of Guarantee before you send your coins to us.

10. How long do addresses for coins transfer remain valid?

Addresses for coins transfer remain valid within 7 days since their creation. Such period was not chosen by accident. If any transactional issues of the network or errors on the sender’s side arise, such period is enough to address all emerging issues and delays, thus guaranteeing safeguard of assets of our end customers.

11. My browser had closed before I could get a confirmation for my transaction

No worries, everything is all right, the system operates in automatic mode, you will definitely receive your money. To monitor confirmations, you can use any Bitcoin block explorer, for example, Enter there the information on addresses from a letter of guarantee and monitor transactions on your own.